On Passion


"There are no locks strong enough to imprison the truth", Iron Fist S1, E13 spoken by Madame Gao. I just loved that quote. Of course the truth about the truth is it's just not always revealed as quickly as we would like. This view conveys a kind of optimism and embodies the patience that comes with maturity.

Truth speaks directly to our built in moral compass. We don't like being lied to and I don't think this is something we learn, I believe it's the way our minds interpret the world. Just as when we are at the edge of a cliff and our mind believes we cannot walk further, when we come to the realization of being lied to, we can no longer tolerate the source of the lie.


"The Truth Speaks Volumes", or "He's an Honest Man", or "Honestly, ..." We have so many expressions that call out in the name of truth.


A great super hero's motto "Truth, Justice and the American Way". I was raised by loving parents who taught me to be kind. I'd like to extend their teachings by saying if you can't be kind, at least be honest.

One of the things I like most about the Rockaways is the high level of honesty demonstrated by so many. Perhaps we are tighter knit than other city enclaves and don't feel the need so much to have to prove anything to anyone, perhaps it's the long established roots so many here have, or maybe it's just the beneficial effects of living so close to pure unadulterated mother nature.


Whatever the reason, I am happy and proud to be a Rockawayin and will always do my best to be an honest man.


We will be sprucing up the restaurant over the next few weeks and re-open March 2nd, just in time for the Irish Parade. We have a strong close out to the Winter music season at Thai Rock with a mix of Classic rock-blues-and smooth jazz tonight, Rocking Blues from the Kerry Kearny Band tomorrow and wrapping up with the Ancient Jazz Quartet Sunday featuring Rocakway's own Simon Chardiet & Mike Severino.


Be well,
Robert :~)

Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways


Sunburst Jalopy

Fri Feb 2, 8:30pm

Classic rock-blues-and smooth jazz and R&B


The Kerry Kearney Band

Sat Feb 3, 9pm

From right here in Breezy Point, has been playing music his entire life and achieved international recognition


The Ancient Jazz Quartet

Sun Feb 4, 6:30pm

Playing soul jazz and standards

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