On Passion


Gifts come in many forms, and what they all have in common are no strings attached. When a gift is given, the giver should never think or expect anything in return and likewise the recipient, upon acceptance should not be burdened with any kind of debt or encumbrance.


Gifts, in their true sense are rare, as we all have expectations based on our actions. It's downright impossible to image a truly unencumbered gift between two individuals, but they do happen and it is beautiful when they do.


There are other types of moments we call gifts that are typically out of anyone's control, such as a lucky happenstance or a beautiful summer-like day in October. In honor of this gift of great weather, we are going to make Jet Ski activities available by appointment. Give us a call at (718) 318-0111 to book an appointment.

Happy Summer in Autumn


Be well,
Robert :~)


Thursday October 12th 7pm

Register Here: Jammin' Canvas

Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways



Fri Oct 6, 9pm

Classic Rock by Rockaways own G-Strings



Deep Pockets
Sun Oct 8, 6:30pm

Eclectic Modern Jazz/Fusion & Psychedelic


Upcoming Shows

  • Bakithi Kumalo
  • Retro69
  • Mind Open
  • The Ferocious Cats
  • Cool Hand Lou
  • Darin Brown
  • Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans
  • Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak
  • Sean Yox & The Streamers

Jet Ski Season is Being Extended

Weather is too good to put the Jet Skis away
Call for an appointment

(718) 318-0111

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