Liz Black & Friends
Patio Party II

Live Gospel Performance

September 9th, 12pm

Click for Tickets & InfoLiz Black's Gospel show was one of the Thai Rock highlights of the summer of 2016 and we are excited to host, on what looks like to be a glorious summer day, the 2nd annual Patio Party this Saturday


Choppy Waters

Childhood summers sailing the Great South Bay, now Jet Skiing Jamaica Bay, the Ocean and our city's harbor, I expect choppy water. Much like our everyday lives, we are generally in a choppy or unsettled state. While not often in major conflict, we are also not usually at perfect calm. Most of our existence is unsettled.


Our coping mechanisms emphasize and are fine-tuned for our unsettled condition. For some unfortunate folks, this is unbearable and leads to depression or other debilitating conditions, for many, we develop the skills to steady ourselves through the chop. To last long enough to get to a calm place, to catch our breath and recharge. A few learn how to master the chop, to embrace it, to own it. For those few masters, the chop is not a stressful period to be endured to get to the calm, it's the fabric of their life. That complex tapestry that stitches together every moment.


I am always taken by people who make life look effortless, it's not a wealth thing nor is it an educational or environmental thing (although these all factor in), it's a way of navigating through most every situation often not knowing the outcome at the onset. I think it's about honesty and optimism. Honesty in accepting the truth and where it will take you and optimism in believing in a better tomorrow.


The masters of the chop are my heroes and the people I most look up to and try to emulate.


Kombucha on Tap

Made by Pilot Kombucha, this fermented tea contains live & active cultures, tons of B vitamins and organic acids.

People drink it to help with digestion, detoxification and overall immune support. It helps your body function more efficiently without putting the stress of the work on your organs; detoxifying, aids in digestion, gives you energy without crash.


It is nonalcoholic and safe for kids & pregnant women but consult your doctor if you have any concerns.


Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways

Darin Brown

Thur Sep 7, 7pm

Setting the new standard of Modern Swing


The Vine Brothers
Fri Sep 8, 8:30pm

"One of the best and most innovative bluegrass-Americana bands in the U.S. They arguably hold the mantle of Americana music." -Phil Westcott, Triple Cities Carousel, Binghamton, NY


Liz Black & Friends Patio Party II
Sat Sep 9, 12pm

Syndicated radio host Liz Black is back at the lovely Thai Rock Restaurant with some of her special gospel performance friends for the 2nd Annual Patio Party


Sat Sep 9, 9pm

These guys will be our 2018 New Years Show.  They are going to break out.  Here's your chance to see them while they still play small intimate venues like our very own Thai Rock. You might call it Psychedelic Cosmic Rock N Roll


Deep Pockets
Sun Sep 10, 6:30pm

Eclectic Modern Jazz/Fusion & Psychedelic


Upcoming Shows

  • Deep Pockets
  • Breakaway
  • Electrix
  • Mike Tedesco
  • Jonny Meyers
  • Kerry Kearney
  • Jerry's Jazz Band
  • Ricky Stein
  • Gray Riders
  • Ancient Jazz Quartet
  • G-Strings
  • Bakithi Kumalo

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