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On Passion
by Pepe Cardona of Alive N Kickin


I've been playing concerts all summer and have been getting rave reviews. Not only for the band but for myself especially. People remark: how is it possible that you are better than ever? 30 years after we last saw you at Jimmy Byrnes in Queens?
Well I thought about it carefully and I came to this realization: as I get older I find myself appreciating my music more than when I was younger... back then I took it all for granted. I never gave it a second thought. I just went up there and did my thing. But now it's a different ball of wax. I just turned 69 and that ain't no joke!
When you're almost 70 yrs old you begin to think about your mortality. You start looking around you at your peers who are dying left and right. And you say to yourself: HOLY SH*T! I'm still living this R&R thing! But 69? Damn I'm living on borrowed time here. 
So what I did was I stopped and smelled the roses. A bit cliched yes but seriously and positively REAL! I decided to put my all into my craft more than ever and I literally stopped what I did onstage and slowed it down. It's no longer a blur. When I'm up there on stage now, I'm in slow motion. I'm looking out at the crowd and looking into their eyes.  I see their love and admiration. My every move is calculated. Every lyric is pronounced and sung with meaning like never before. My body is fluid and the joy I feel is almost surreal. 
Plus, I look over to my left and there's my son Tim on guitar. He just turned 36 a few days ago and I see the joy he has for his music and I say to myself: wow to think I produced and nurtured all that talent. Utterly amazing! And that's what Passion means to me. 
I thank you Robert for giving me this forum to state my feelings.
Note from Robert:
Pepe, Thank you for sharing this with us, your 5 DECADES dedicated to the performing arts have and continue to be an inspiration to so many and an indelible positive part of countless lives.  I am a better person for knowing you and so your friendship fills me with utter happiness.

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