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On Passion

What is it that makes us who we are? I feel I'm in a continual state of becoming and it usually happens too slowly for my liking, but paradoxically, when I look back it almost always went too fast. I am finishing an entrepreneurial class. The first class I've ever taken where I'm significantly older than all the other students (and the teacher too). I forgot how enjoyable learning classroom style is and it's so infectious being around hopeful business leaders with great ideas and spirit.


As class winds down, I will ramp up sales and marketing of a new business service to help make running restaurants (or any brick and mortar business) much easier through a powerful dashboard while also lowering their costs via a referral marketplace. This business has the potential to significantly improve small business health and profitability across the entire country. It could help reverse the decline of physician practices and improve childcare operations.


I have applied my many years of creating Wall Street technologies to problems I face running Thai Rock. The result is an elegant and useful service that will help any small business become better managed, more profitable and realize greater success. I feel uniquely equipped for this business as though my entire professional career was to get me here, a giant cycle of becoming.


I am seeking homebound professionals such as stay-at-home moms, veterans, and those who find their age has become a handicap. If you are one and interested in working with me, or perhaps know someone, please drop me a line.


To answer my question at the top, it's all the things we do, say, and think. It continues so long as our bodies (and mind) endure and, yes, truth matters.


Be well,
Robert :~)

Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways

Kevin & Jonny
and Friends

Fri Feb 10, 8:30pm
Jamaican tradition of rhythm & blues called 'BlueBeat'


Penny Lane
A Tribute to the Beatles

Sat Feb 11, 8:30pm

Choice Beatles hits
An evening that will leave you cheering for more


The Mike Severino Quartet
Sun Feb 12, 6:30pm

Playing soul jazz and standards


Re-Opening Shows


  • Kearney Brothers
  • The Streamers
  • Mike Tedesco
  • New Candy
  • Deep Pockets
  • JazzManian Devils
  • Joe Vicino Band
  • Alive N Kickin
  • Dave Clive
  • Thunder Road
  • Jerry's Jazz Band
  • Michael Packer



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