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On Passion


I have a certain amount of life force and different actions, circumstances and situations draw from it.  My belief is that when my life force is gone, so will I be.  My first recollections of thinking this way was in my early 30's, working hard to climb a corporate ladder, young children and a failing marriage,  I felt my life force diminishing and it really scared me.  No one other than me could help and hard choices laid ahead.

Last night the Rockaway Beach Civic Association sponsored a meeting with the NYC DOT to discuss potential road changes and possible closures.  I put up a message about this in last week's letter and I started a petition.  Thanks to the overwhelming community support along with support of Assemblyman Goldfeder, no changes will take place without community support.  The craziest thing is the DOT can do almost everything they are proposing without closing any streets and achieve the safety and increased parking they claim to be championing.

It's issues like this that impact my own life force, with the stress an agency like DOT to make changes that can devastate your circumstance and hurt the local community and the weight it places on you.  The meeting last night, with the support of residents, businesses and community leaders was rejuvenating and uplifting.  Moments like last night are the essence of a community and helped me to see that there are people that will rally together for a common good and just purpose.  My life force remains intact and perhaps even energized and while our individual demise is inevitable, its quality and duration are very much in our own hands.  

We have a true gift that is to experience pleasure.  Look around at nature and identify, from the multitudes of life forms, which has this gift.  From what I know, perhaps dolphins have some capacity, but by and large it is a human gift.  You can spend your life force in negative pursuits, or the pursuit of stress reduction, community development and pleasure, I certainly choose the later.  So come on over to Thai Rock and live long, happy and healthy.


Be well,

Robert :~)


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