St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

Tuesday March 10, 3-7pm

High School Student, Zachary Molino has organized this event and has raised almost $3k with a goal of $5k.  Please come down to Thai Rock today and support the fight against Children's Cancer.  If you cannot make it, please consider a donation at this Link


Thai Rock is offering $3 for all beers during the event and a number of kids from Scholars Academy will be having their heads shaved in support.


On Passion


"If you want to do something do it, because it is your desire, not my allowance. You must risk rejection." Quote from Penny Dreadful said by the character Vanessa Ives to Dorian Gray.  I've struggled with this conflict as long back as I can remember.  A great mentor of mine told me my greatest failing is that I'm too eager to please, which I took as a kind of want for acceptance.  When that was told to me, it was in his frustration with me and said with a hurtful intention, but one to hopefully improve and learn from.

I've never forgotten the remark and since that day I've realized that my desire to please is one of my greatest strengths.  It's an ability to connect with people and travel a journey together to improve, to grow, to shed the negative and immerse in goodness and all the possibilities.

Thai Rock has given me the opportunity to fulfill a deep-seated quest to connect, understand and help people and along the way I achieve a personal desire to please and I find myself developing spiritually and wisely while making great new friends along the way.  With each new friend and every minor positive step forward, I become less fearful of rejection and more steadfast and confident in realizing and pursuing this tact.  

My goal at Thai Rock is to have an atmosphere that pleases every sense, from taste, and smell to visual, audible and tactile.  We strive to offer the very best authentic Thai cuisine, pride ourselves in having a delightful array of tantalizing cocktails and fine spirits, consistently present the very best live Blues, Rock, Jazz & RnB from extraordinarily talented musicians, provide a wide variety of water sports all within a peaceful beautiful atmosphere accompanied by magnificent sunsets and an all-around beautiful bay/NYC backdrop.

I encourage everyone to listen carefully to themselves, hone in on your true desires and find a way to marry them positively and creatively to your everyday life, whether it be work-life, or personal-life.  Continue to test and explore and whenever you need some support or encouragement, come to Thai Rock and have a talk with me.

Be well,

Robert :~)


Pappy Van Winkle Private Event

The ultimate bourbon experience 

Your bottle choice of this rare and hard to find bourbon, Click Here

Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways


Killer Joe's Lido Soul Quartet

Fri Mar 13, 9pm

High Energy Motown, Soul, Blues, Rock from the "Hardest Hitting Band in New York"
They put the FUN back into Live Music


The Michael Louis Band

Sat Mar 14, 8:30pm

Brooklyn Swamp Music – Blues, Funk, Soul & RnB mixes and swirls to create an original sound



Firm Roots

Sun Mar 15, 6:30pm

Smooth Jazz, RnB & Soul


Call for Reservations
(718) 945-5111


Wednesday Nights

Use code for 50% Off BEACHESHALF


Mar 18 Painting

Upcoming Shows

  • Archdeacon
  • SpinBox
  • Alive N Kickin
  • Toby Tobias Ensemble
  • Smoking Gun Band
  • Paul Von Thadden
  • Bobby Radcliff
  • James Tristan Redding
  • The Electrix
  • Jerry's Jazz Band
  • Frank Persico
  • Hambones
  • Seth Okrend Band
  • Mardi Gras Band
  • Plastic Soul
  • Cool Hand Lou
  • RAS
  • Christine Sweeney
  • G-Strings
  • William Humphrey
  • Tony O
  • Diane Hoffman




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