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For the first time in 4 years, we chose to willingly close Thai Rock.  On my wife's birthday, we left the Rockaways and headed to Mexico, leaving new Thai Rock construction and renovations in the hands of the good people that have worked with us building and then re-building our business and home.  

This was the first private time I had with my wife for the better part of the past decade.  I learned some things about her that made me love her anew and all over again and I remembered more clearly why we started Thai Rock and how much this business means to the both of us.  I also discovered we share similar fears and joys running Thai Rock.  I've become inspired by our recent experiences to introduce some new events to Thai Rock I think will be great fun – more on this soon.

Thank you to our customers for allowing us to close for a bit and re-charge.  I promise that Thai Rock will be even better for it.  

To my wife, my partner, life teacher and dear friend, you make everything the best it can be and sometimes I'm fortunate enough for a little of your greatness to rub off on me.

We've got a great line up of live Rock, Jazz, RnB, Blues and Reggae with an extraordinary talented bunch of musicians.  As winter breaks and longer warmer days ahead plus a few new menu items, we look forward to many good times together.

Be well,
Robert :~)



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Upcoming Shows

  • Killer Joe
  • Michael Louis Band
  • Firm Roots
  • Archdeacon
  • SpinBox
  • Alive N Kickin
  • Toby Tobias Ensemble
  • Smoking Gun Band
  • Paul Von Thadden
  • James Tristan Redding
  • The Electrix
  • Jerry's Jazz Band
  • Frank Persico
  • Hambones
  • Seth Okrend Band
  • Mardi Gras Band


Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways


Dave Clive's Nawlins Funk Band

Fri Mar 6, 9pm

Uncle Dave wants you to party with NFB
… and his little dog too



The Kearney Brothers Band

Sat Mar 7, 9pm

featuring Kerry and TK, from right here in Breezy Point, have been playing music their entire lives and have achieved international recognition



Deep Pockets

Sun Feb 8, 6:30pm

Eclectic Modern Jazz/Fusion & Psychedelic


Call for Reservations
(718) 945-5111


Wednesday Nights

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