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On Passion

Passion shows itself in many ways, in our work, our hobbies, our relationships, the food we eat, what we believe in and just about everything we do, say or imagine.  It's intensity varies from person to person, from time to time and topic to topic, and it's part of the fundamental aspect of being human.  One of my passions is bourbon.  I love to drink it, smell it, talk about and enjoy it and It's really great when I meet others with like feelings towards the brown aged American liquid.


Bourbon is the only purely American spirit.  It can only be a Bourbon if it is made in North America amongst other rules and it goes back to the days of the wild west, ahhhh, American Whiskey.  It's both a blessing and a curse that so many people today have discovered the joy of fine bourbon.  A joy because there are so many more people I get to discuss and drink these fine spirits with, a curse because some of the very best bourbons have become rare, hard to find and priced beyond most people's every day drinking budget.


Alas, the point of my column this week is that Thai Rock has a small selection of the most sought after Bourbon in the world and is offering a small number of exclusive Pappy Van Winkle Dinner parties.  If you are a bourbon lover or know one and would love to enjoy a very rare bourbon with some friends, give me a call to schedule a dinner party complete with your very own bottle.  Click here for details.

Be well,
Robert :~)


Quote of the Week:


From the Cooking Channel, Chef Ching's TV program Restaurant Redemption featuring Thai Rock.

Ching said: "The food is authentic and delicious", it is "Some of the very best food that I have tried" and "Everything is Fresh"

Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways


Breakaway with
Sweet Suzi
John Puglisi

Fri Feb 6, 9pm

Breakaway & Sweet Suzi are NYC Blues Hall of Fame inductees and this is sure to be a rockn night



George Fest
by Sean Yox

Sat Feb 7, 8:30pm

George Harrison Birthday Concert



Paul Von Thadden

Sun Feb 8, 6:30pm

Cool Jazz & RnB



Gray Riders

Fri Feb 13, 9pm

Kick off Valentines weekend with the lovable Gray Riders



Valentine Dinner with
Aerial Acoustics

Sat Feb 14, 7pm

Enjoy A Romantic Dinner with fine Acoustic Music

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