New Year's Eve 2015
with Killer Joe's Lido Soul Quartet

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On Passion - A New Year's Thought


Here we are wrapping up 2014 and looking forward to the next year.  Why January? Why not the start of Spring, wouldn't that be a good time to start the year, the thawing from Winter, sprouts beginning to rise, birds returning, but alas, history named January from the Latin word ianua, meaning door to the year.  And thank goodness the New Year comes when it does because Thai Rock will be heating up the start of the year with live Music by Killer Joe's Lido Soul Review and a kickn' party to say farewell to 2014 and welcome in 2015.

I'm not one for a New Year's resolution because they so rarely work for me.  I'm more the type that tries every day to make it better than the previous, to take a bite out of life and savor it and to make the most of the simplest of things, like a sip of good whiskey, a warm embrace of a friend or jumping a wave on a jet ski.  I also enjoy taking a moment every now and then to reflect, a luxury I only recently discovered as the ability has been returning to me, but am now acutely aware as reflection requires a calmness in mind state and just as my dreams have slowly returned so has my ability to reflect and I like what I see and where we are headed.

To my friends, those bringing in the New Year with us in present or in spirit, good health, prosperity and happiness.


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James Tristan Redding

Thur Jan 1, 6:30pm

Singer-songwriter in the tradition of American narrative songs


Paul Von Thadden Duo

Fri Jan 2, 8pm

Cool Jazz  & R&B


The Kearney Brothers

Sat Jan 3, 9pm

The Kearney Brothers Band, featuring Breezy Point natives Kerry and TK.  These cats have achieved international recognition


Frank Persico

Sun Jan 4, 6:30pm

This Howard Beach Native style is a unique combination of folk, rock, alternative and R&B. His songs are compelling, melodic and instantly memorable with a familiar and timeless nature



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