Thanksgiving Dinner

at Thai Rock


Limited Seating Available

Thur Nov 27th 4pm

Traditional home cooked Turkey,
2 types of Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry, Squash, Greens and the rest
plus special Thai dishes
All you can eat $35 (kids $20)
Reservations Required


On Passion


Life isn't fair.  How often do we hear those words, from our kids, from a parent, or from someone we don't even know.  Sometimes we say it to hurt and sometimes to sooth.  Of course life isn't fair, but we make it fair, at least we try.  Fairness is in some way built into us and tied into our sense of right and wrong and ethical awareness.


I'm thinking about this because of what's going on in Furguson and right here in our city.  People are protesting in the name of fairness.  Homes, businesses and cars are being burnt down on our streets in the name of fairness.  Arrests are being made in the name of fairness.  The world is looking to the USA as an example of how fairness gets played out.


We each have a very sensitive built in fairness meter, and it is our responsibility to exercise it, to improve and refine it.  It's our job to calibrate it by comparing our own sense to others and to constantly question our own sensibilities.  It's also our responsibility to act fairly in the name of fairness.  Our US constitution is based on this topic as freedom can only exist in a fair and just state.  Our parents are supposed to begin our training and mentoring, then school, then the larger world around us are all places where we continue to develop the sense of fairness, this is part of maturity and becoming a good citizen.


We can all cite, and often do, the inequities around us, from the snail's pace and uneven government support for Sandy recovery, to the toll on the Cross Bay Bridge, DeBlasio arriving to the Rockaway's by boat days after he terminated ferry service and we all know so many more, but listing them only gets me agitated, frustrated and a bit negative.  So instead of playing into the obvious list of inequities, I'd like to offer thanks for the many things around us that we've worked so hard to create, maintain and preserve.


I love Thanksgiving, a day focused around a meal.  The simple pleasure and delight of comfort food not typically overly indulged in except for this great day.  Can there be more fairness than this?  A day celebrating the harvest and people helping others.  A tradition for all Americans and one proudly upheld at Thai Rock.  Wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving, with friends, family, or a peaceful day for yourself, I wish you well and fairness.


Have a great holiday,
Robert :~)


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Quote of the Week:


"When you come into Thai Rock, your stresses drift away and your life becomes like sailing in calm waters."


- Christian, Local Artist

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Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways



Wednesday 7pm

Steve Archdeacon is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, independent recording artist, and performing musician in the vein of DMB meets Clapton/Hendrix



Michael Brunnock Band

Friday 8:30pm

Michael Brunnock possesses an extraordinary voice, and his songs mine the profound. David Byrne cast him to sing the role of an Irish musician on the brink of success whose voice guides Sean Penn through an emotional journey of self-discovery in This Must Be the Place (2012)



The Kearney Brothers Band

Saturday 9pm

The Kearney Brothers Band, featuring Kerry and TK, from right here in Breezy Point, have been playing music their entire lives and have achieved international recognition


Alive N Kickin Duo

Sunday 6:30pm

For over 40 years Alive N Kickin has been entertaining fans. Their hit single Tighter & Tighter put them in the spotlight, but their unrivaled repertoire, level of performance, and musicianship has kept them there all of these years.



Paradise Road

Thur Dec 4th 7pm

Patrick & Linda performing the American Song Book




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