Thanksgiving Dinner

at Thai Rock


Limited Seating Available

Thur Nov 27th 4pm

Traditional home cooked Turkey,
2 types of Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry, Squash, Greens and the rest
plus special Thai dishes
All you can eat $35 (kids $20)
Reservations Required


On Passion

Tradition is warm and comfortable, irksome, elusive and in perpetual flux.  Our early and most impressionable years develop and form our own specific understanding and definition of tradition and this helps define the person we will become, this is unavoidable.  For some of us, we fight to change the cycle of the past, for others, we dive directly in and accept, but I think for most of us we have a tug of war regarding what to keep and what to change.

I for one have been in a constant tug of war since about 13 years of age.  I have not married into my religion or ethnicity.  My children's view of tradition is very different than mine.  My wife and I come from two completely different worlds.  I have no religious or ethnic connection to the Pilgrims or the American Indians, however, Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite and beloved holidays.

I am all about the culinary tradition of Thanksgiving.  The local harvest foods, the family celebration, the savory and indulging comfort foods smothered with gravy over stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce.  Those textures, those taste all culminating to a crescendo of homemade pies and goodness.  Now this is a tradition I can get behind, this is one I dive into and this is one I am happy to say is a tradition at Thai Rock.

For our friends who have celebrated here in past years, you know.  For our new friends that will join us this year, prepare for an awesome meal.  This year will be particularly special in that a friend and local resident, Michael Becker, a world class chef and graduate from the Culinary Institute of America has helped arrange the menu and will be working on the preparation next week - Thank you Michael - You are awesome.  Our dishes will include a pumpkin and beet dumpling with a fresco dip, homemade cranberry sauce, 2 types of stuffing, butternut squash, greens, pies and of course turkey.  We will also reveal a new dish for Thai Rock.  If you are vegetarian, there will be plenty of options for you here on Thanksgiving.

I look forward to keeping alive and strong the Tradition of Thanksgiving at Thai Rock with our friends and family.  We still have availability, please call (718) 945-5111 or click here to make a reservation.

Happy Thanksgiving and be well,
Robert :~)


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"When you come into Thai Rock, your stresses drift away and your life becomes like sailing in calm waters."


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Steve Archdeacon is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, independent recording artist, and performing musician in the vein of DMB meets Clapton/Hendrix


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