Thanksgiving Dinner

at Thai Rock


Space is still availabile

Thur Nov 27th 4pm

Traditional home cooked Turkey, Stuffing,Gravy and the rest
plus special Thai dishes
All you can eat $35 (kids $20)
Reservations Required


This Wednesday hosted by Artist Mandy Francin

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On Passion

A server, concerned about a customer, came to my wife and said she was crying and in tears.  My wife asked the server to check on the customer.  The server reported back that the customer was so pleased with her food that she could not stop crying while she ate. 

After the meal, the customer asked to speak with our chef, Karog.  She went into the kitchen, grabbed a hold of our chef and began to cry again, hugging and squeezing Karog and letting her know how much she enjoyed her cooking.


This is a first for me and it really touched me and more specifically helped me put into perspective how we all can touch each other.  Since I've known my wife, I have been convinced that she demonstrates her love through her preparation and serving of food and drink.  I also see that she receives love by seeing people enjoy her work.  Karog, her sister, is like this too.  And thinking about it, so was my mom and both my grandmothers and many other important females in my life.

Giving and receiving love comes in many forms and is demonstrated differently, but what it has in common is the power to move people; to bring people to a higher level; to evoke passion, sympathy and pleasure; to energize.

To my customer that received our love, thank you for accepting our food and sharing with us the joy you experienced – and thank you for reminding me how important the simple pleasures are.  You are a beautiful person.

Be well,
Robert :~)


Winter Hours & Info

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Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways


Jerry's Jazz Band

Fri, Nov 14th 8pm

Jazz standards peppered classic rock and blues and great musicians

The Michael Louis Band

Sat, Nov 15th 8:30pm

Brooklyn Swamp Music. Blues, Funk, Soul & RnB mixes and swirls to create an original sound


Paul Von Thadden Duo

Sun, Nov 16th 6:30pm

Cool Jazz  & R&B


Upcoming Shows

  1. Paradise Road
  2. Mardi Gras Band
  3. Firm Roots
  4. Archdeacon
  5. Michael Brunnock
  6. The Kearney Brothers
  7. Alive N Kickin Duo
  8. Seth Okrend Band
  9. Toby Tobias Ensemble
  10. SpinBox
  11. Thunder Road
  12. James Tristan Redding
  13. Deep Pockets
  14. Tru Brit Band


Quote of the Week:


"When you come into Thai Rock, your stresses drift away and your life becomes like sailing in calm waters."


- Christian, Local Artist


Happy Veterans Day to all our friends who served our great nation

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