On Passion

This time of year has always been a reflective time for me, perhaps it's my upbringing, but for the first time in a long while I spent much of last week reflecting.  We closed the restaurant last week and spent that time filming a reality restaurant show featuring Thai Rock for the Cooking Channel.  


It turned out to be one of the best weeks of my life.  Even my nightly dreams became vivid and enjoyable.  As I looked back and recapped what we went through here at Thai Rock and in the Rockaways and how, what we have today is only possible because of my wife, family and friends, I realized how far we've come and how important we all are to each other.  


As we now head into the winter months, I really feel happy for the season change, optimistic we'll be ok and excited for the future.  Last year at this time Thai Rock was still closed, many of our friends were still in temporary housing and so many of us were exhausted, depleted and generally disappointed.  I wanted to be "normal" again and I realize that I've now past the old "normal" and have grown even better than ever.  Got some new problems to deal with, thank you Sandy, but I see vast improvement on many fronts and it's so much better to fall asleep when I'm tired rather than from exhaustion and to wake up when the fishermen start making a racket outside rather than in panic.  


I'd like to wish everyone a sweet year, so if you read this far into my message and you come to Thai Rock this week, wish me a sweet year and I'll reciprocate with a gift of either Thai Rock beer, Jägermeister, or Fireball.  Thank you for your unwavering support, enthusiasm and encouragement, it has been an essential ingredient in restoring Thai Rock and our lives here in the Rockaways – Rockaway Strong.

Thai Rock Staff

Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways



Fri, Oct 3rd 8:30pm

singer/songwriter, guitarist


The Seth Okrend Band (SOB)

Sat, Oct 4th, 8:30pm

Blues with an assortment of other styles


Deep Pockets

Sun, Oct 5th 7pm

Eclectic Modern Jazz/Fusion & Psychedelic


Food Corner

We've got a new dessert that is so good coming to our menu.  It was created last week by a world class chef just for Thai Rock.  I'll reveal it's name and include a photo in the next edition.


Quote of the Week:


"Thai Rock is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places here on the beach"


- Jackie, Rockaway Resident


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