Sunset Cruise with the TruBrit Band
July 24th


Weather is Excellent
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$45 Special
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July 24th – Sunset with the Tru Brit Band

aboard the American Princess

Featuring live music by Tru Brit Band

playing Beatles, Stones, Dave Clark 5 and many others


Upcoming Cruise Dates:

  • Aug 28 live music by Jazzique
  • Sep 18 Band to be announced

Boarding time 7:30 at the Thai Rock dock

Free Appetizers (as they last) provided by Thai Rock

Price: $59 per person (Use Coupon TB45 for 25% off)


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Food Corner

Since opening in June 2011 and through the pain of rebuilding after Sandy and till now, we have put out this weekly newsletter (missed a few weeks), but nonetheless, it has been fairly regular.  Each issue discussed the music, special events and even a few thoughts kicking around my head, but in all this time I have neglected the most important aspect of Thai Rock, our food.  More than any other aspect of our business, the one that I am most proud of and delighted to discuss is our delicious, fresh and authentic Thai cuisine.

I was made painfully aware of this lacking last weekend when a very thoughtful customer had his first experience at Thai Rock.  He's a local fellow and said he would have been here years ago, but did not realize it was first and foremost a food establishment.  I've not been able to get this conversation out of my mind and will now dedicate a section of this newsletter to our food.

What's more, I will offer a free dinner to any customer who submits a photo of their food from Thai Rock along with a description of their experience for which I use in a newsletter.
Sometimes it's the simple pleasures that make your day perfect, so I find it fitting to present our Fried Ice Cream as this issue's featured food.


Made with all natural locally produced vanilla ice cream, hand wrapped, quick fried creating a hot and crispy exterior with a cold, sweet and firm inside.  It's plated on our homemade pineapple sauce, topped with whipped cream, a cherry and mint – a perfect end to a delicious Thai dinner on a summer night.  This will also cool the palate in case you ate some spicy food.


Fair Well Good Friend

Our staff was out in force Monday night as we wished our friend, Koong, a safe trip back home to Thailand.


Koong, you were an inspiration and a truly valued member of our team.  Be well and hope to see you back at Thai Rock again soon.

Music Calendar

Live Music in the Rockaways


Sunset Cruise with the
TruBrit Band

Thur, Jul 24th 7:30pm


Deep Pockets
Thur, Jul 24th 8:30pm

Eclectic Modern Jazz/Fusion, Psychedelic & Rock


Original Night

Fri, Jul 25th 9pm

Viva DeConcini




Paradise Road USA

Sat, Jul 26th 3pm

On the Deck in the afternoon



The Electrix


$10 Cover



Gibraltar Jazz

Sun, Jul 27th 7:30pm

Smooth Jazz, RnB & Soul


Samantha Carlson

Sun, Jul 31th 7:00pm

Playing the keys and singing Classic standards from the 1920s through today, as well as jazz, big band, show-tunes, country, oldies and pop


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