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On Passion

The same boat washed up on my property for the 2nd time this winter.  The 1st time, Glenn and I got into a kayak in the frigid water to free the boat from being trapped under the deck. 


I don’t want to think about the potential damage that could have caused.  Now it’s back again taunting me.  This time, I decided to tie it up.  A kind of reminder not to take anything for granted.


Celebrate the good days and moments and get past the tough ones.  Help your friends and neighbors and be kind.  I look at the boat, abandoned, junked, taking on water, but still it has the power to harm. 


Every action we take, or ignore has its own consequences and our journey alters left and right and up and down with every choice we make.  Maybe I will turn that boat into a piece of art, a maritime sculpture perhaps, a thing of beauty, that is a choice.


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Dublin City Ramblers Return to Thai Rock

March 21st

St. Paddy's day Concert

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Passover at Thai Rock

April 14th

A complete and authentic Passover Sedar, with the story of the exodus of the Jews from Egyptian slavery into the Sinai Desert.  An evening of song, wine, learning and traditional Passover foods including matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, brisket, sponge cake, all the wine and beer you like and so much more.




Quote of the week:


"Thai Rock was my introduction to Thai Food and when you closed after Sandy, I went around all over trying other Thai food only to disappointment. I am so glad you're back."


- Sandy B, Rockaway Resident


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Live Music in the Rockaways


Cool Hand Lou
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Downtown Daddy-O's


Saturday, Feb 22nd 8pm

 Blues & Classic Rock


Firm Roots

Sunday, Feb 23rd 7pm

Smooth Jazz, RnB & Soul


 Upcoming Music

 Dublin City Ramblers

  Kerry & TK Kearney

  Deep Pockets

  Gerals Bair

  Falling Apples

  Thunder Road

  Spin Box

  James Tristan Redding
  Mardi Gras Band

  Alive N' Kickin Duo
  New Shades of Soul

  My Nawlins Funk Band

  Jerry and the Newcomers 


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