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Happenings  September 5th, 2013   Rockaway Beach, NY

10 Years and more in love than ever

10 years ago we were met by our cousin Lizzie and a few friends at city hall where my bride, Metta and I were married.  We had a nice lunch, Metta went to work and I ran the first Big Apple Roll, an in-line skating event kicking off that day where 100’s of people from the USA and all over the world take to the streets and see NYC on wheels.

Metta was a bartender working in the village.  I still have the voice message she sent me after getting off work,
in a taxi, giggling as she said "this is Mrs. Kaskel" on her way to finally be together since getting married many hours ago.

We were surrounded by many of our dearest friends and after some drinks, it was us, only us. 








Of course Metta proceeded to immediately fall asleep as she hit the bed, after all, she woke up early to get married, worked all day and night and needed to get to work the next day.





My wife has been the greatest teacher of my life, she has been teaching me acceptance, a very difficult lesson for me and I’m still working to improve.  She has made me a better human being and perhaps most importantly, she enables me to become more of who I am. 

These are all very deep and spiritual building blocks that make us who we are and I am forever grateful and blessed for the kindness and harshness she shows as she continues to invest in us.


My wife is more beautiful and attractive to me today than ever and the greatest joy I have is the privilege and honor to be with her all day every day as we are now partners in business as well as partners in marriage.  She makes sickening gestures when I tell her these things, but I swell up with elated emotion when contemplating or reflecting about us and how I feel about her. 


She has been the rock in my life, has helped me through the worst of times and has been an important influence for my children.

Today, September 5, 2013, marks 10 years of good life that I never could have imagined and only could have wished for.

Metta, thank you for being my wife, my joy, my wellbeing, my life and for making me your project and not giving up on me and for saying yes to me and for accepting me the way I am.

I love you - Happy anniversary

Music Calendar



Thursday Aug 5th 8pm

Open Mic

Hosted by

Benoir and the
Long Beach All Stars

"Hey, you never know who's gonna show up"




Friday Sep 6th 9pm

The Naturalistic

By popular Demand, the Naturalisic's are back again for a night of live energetic Soca and reggea sure to get you on your feet and having fun.


Prince will teach you his own group dance -  "1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 1 dollar"



Saturday Sep 7th 9pm

Bad Luck & Trouble


Original blues/rock band hailing from the Rockaways. Bad Luck & Trouble adds a dash of soul to their rock & roll



Andrew Harwood - Guitar/Vocals

Ian Lander - Guitar/Vocals

Jason Shorr - Bass Guitar



Sunday Aug 8th 6pm


Comfort Music Sunday's



Frank Persico


Frank Persico is a singer songwriter and guitarist born and raised in Howard Beach. His style is a unique combination of folk, rock, alternative and R&B. His songs are compelling, melodic and instantly memorable with a familiar and timeless nature. Influences such as James Taylor, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel permeate his songwriting style and delivery but with a modern twist.




Thursday Sep 12th 8pm

Open Mic

Hosted by

Benoir and the
Long Beach All Stars

"Hey, you never know who's gonna show up"




























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