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Happenings   May 15, 2013   Rockaway Beach, NY

Thai Rock & Rockaway Jet Ski
Re-Opening May 20th


We miss you.  We miss working.  We miss the normal commotion, you know, the things we normally complain about, and although we are not fully ready to serve you as we once did, we are opening our doors Monday and will continue to work day-by-day improving everything we can and always strive to provide the best food, drinks, music, water sports and other diversions.

Our goal is to make your experience at Thai Rock like being on vacation and now more than ever, we will do all we can to bring our customers much needed joy, good times and great food.

One lesson I learned since being in the restaurant business is "good enough is good enough".  I admire the people who instinctively know this, but for me, it’s a hard learned lesson that still requires more work.  Like the cliché about Rome, I now so much more appreciate the importance of the journey and that the "goal" is merely a milestone along the way and not a destination.

Friends, we have been on a journey together and individually that we did not ask for, that we were not prepared for, for which we sacrificed and lost much, and, to this day, our governmental support net is still not properly supportive.  Together we are challenged as a community, to rebuild, to be strong and united, and to help one another.  Individually, we each have a responsibility to keep our families healthy, to keep ourselves vital and to strengthen our resolve for the future because that is the promise.  The future is the goal.  The future is where the journey takes us and it’s each and every one of our responsibilities to protect, promote, nurture and encourage a positive and health future.  This is our strength.  This is our wealth.

So, Thai Rock is not what it was, but it’s better than it’s been and we will keep on making it better and now it is good enough to open.  Please come by and visit, our menu will be extremely limited to start, and we will only have the outdoor deck open, but it sure will be great to see you again.  Hugs are permitted.

Saturday May 25th 8pm

Thunder Road

Springsteen Tribute


We do plan to resume live music and there will be a calendar of acts, but for now, we have a kicking live music opening band Saturday May 25th at 8PM featuring Thunder Road - A Springsteen Tribute Band featuring Rockaway’s own Cool Hand Lou and in Lou’s own words "Come Down and have a great time with The Heart Stoppin', Hard Rockin', Earth Quaking, World Shakin', Mojo Makin', Prison Breaking, History Making, THUNDER ROAD."

As a sign of appreciation to our customers, we are kicking of the Rockaway Jet Ski season with a deal only being offered to our community and friends.  A 2-Hour Ocean Fun Jet Ski Tour for $125 (regularly $300). 


Go to and use promotion code "RJSI" when completing the purchase.

Thank you for all your support during this very difficult time, we are proud to be part of the Rockaway Community.


Thank You


For all our friends who helped us make it through the hard spots, we have a soft spot for you.


In the immortal words of Elvis Costello "(what’s so funny bout) peace, love and understanding."


All the best and Be well,

Robert, Metta and the Thai Rock Family





Discounted Gift Cards Available At

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Thai Rock

Open daily from 12 noon to late night (Starting May 20th)


375 Beach 92nd Street, Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
(646) 455-3991