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Happenings   Issue 4  Feb 2013   Rockaway Beach, NY

Beginning of the Beginning


Since Sandy, most of my time has been spent pushing paper, speaking with people from all levels of government, friends, family, contractors, economic development groups, lenders, insurance companies and more.


I've been able to do some emergency structural work to keep Thai Rock from falling into the bay, however, a turning point has been reached and the momentum is now building up for getting Thai Rock back in business.


So, I mark this moment as the beginning of the beginning.


"to go" and delivery service


Check out our website for today's menu


Musical Original Painting Auction


There are 4 paintings by Geoff Rawling on auction from the benefit concerts.  Click here to view all the paintings and see their current bid price


Send me an email to make a bid


NYC Economic Development Interview

Back to Business: Thai Rock in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NYC

This is an organization committed to promoting small businesses and other economic development and have been very active with businesses affected by Sandy.  Check out this interview they made of me.  There is also an interview from Susan Locke of the Wave.

Thanks to all for making the benefit concerts a joy and success


Thanks to the excellent venues

both offering a fine selection of food and live music daily

Prohibition in NYC

KJ Farrell's in Bellmore, LI


Thanks to all our customers


Thanks to all the Great Musicians

The Kerry Kearney Band
The Welldiggers
Toby Tobias Ensemble
Mark Newman Band
Sweet Suzi and John Puglisi
The Christine Sweeney Band

Bert Elliot

Cool and Lou and the Downtown Daddy-O's
Killer Joe's Lido Soul Quartet
Alive N Kickin Duo
Jeff Lubin


Master Artist Geoff Rawling


Bus Driver Jerry Rea


And Thanks to all the good folks who helped in so many ways








Thank you Geoff for the great cartoons.  I love watching you draw them.  Sometimes Geoff will burst out laughing or snickering.  He doesn't need an audience, he humors himself with art and when the chuckling starts, I know a great cartoon is being born.  This one below so much captures what goes on here at Thai Rock, both now and when we operate, it's uncanny.

Thai Rock

(soon to be) Open daily from 12 noon to late night


375 Beach 92nd Street, Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
(646) 455-3991