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Happenings   Issue 41   Dec 2012   Rockaway Beach, NY

Temporarily Closed

while we repair and rebuild from the wrath of hurricane Sandy

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends,

Almost 2 months since Sandy hit and I cannot be the only one frustrated with the slow rate of progress.  I gravitate towards positive, even in the face of chaos, destruction and despair, I find myself searching for the upside.  Rather than focusing on the full litany of frustrations and problems, I try to project where I want to go and look for the best possible outcome somewhere down the road.  This is my own coping mechanism.  This way of perceiving the world has its drawbacks, for instance, I tend to get beat up along the way more than necessary; however, for me it works.  Consider the good future lowers my stress levels, keeps me focused on the future and distracts me somewhat from the present allowing me to better master my own destiny and this is how I define faith.  We all have faith and beliefs in different ways and different things.  I have faith that visualizing a good future and working for it will eventually lead us there and the exact road to get there is impossible to chart, hence faith that you can get there without knowing how.

Faith is no small matter.  It involves the trust and belief of all our support mechanisms from our friends and family to our neighbors and coworkers and all the way to our elected officials, the government itself and organizations we do not even know exist.

Our most powerful tool is our voice and our ability to work together.  We must look after one another, help each other and know how our friends and neighbors are doing.  Many of us are still without basic services and are cut off from normal social activities such as going to the grocery store, beauty salon, the beach or, yes, a restaurant or bar.  We need to speak together strong and loud.  We need to cooperate and extend our awareness to those around us.  The faster we get back to high frequency communications, the faster we will rebuild, the faster we will heal and the better off we will all be.

Both my home and my business were destroyed.  Both have been gutted.  I’ve just begun reconstruction on Thai Rock, we now have a sub-floor.  I will keep you posted with our progress and I would like to offer my help to get your word out.  If there is something you would like to broadcast to the Thai Rock community, please contact me, I will consider promoting any good cause.  With that said, there are two good causes I have included in this mailer.

Be well my friends and happy happy holidays,
Robert :~)


Join us December 23, 2012 at 4pm SHARP!

The Little North Pole
Live entertainment, food, drinks and toys for ALL!

144-03 Neponsit Avenue

Our Friends in Gerritsen Beach were hit pretty hard like us and there is a charity benefit concert on Jan 6th at The Tamaqua.  Contact or call (718) 646-9212.


This will be a great night of music that includes:

  1. Alive N Kickin
  2. Any Way You Want It
  3. East Coast Band

and many more...


GB Cares Mission Statement

GB Cares is dedicated to assisting the residents, organizations, and businesses of Gerritsen Beach area to recover from and rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


Patrick Clark, a Rockaway stained glass artist could use our help getting equipment repaired and replaced.  Donations can be made at


Thank you NY1 for the story on Thai Rock and The Bungalow Bar


Thank you Amy McKeever with for spending an afternoon here and your report

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: A Devastated Thai Rock Rebuilds in the Rockaways



Thank you PBS News Hours and Paul Solomon for the interview




Who is this Masked Man?

First person to identify this masked man before Christmas Day will get a $25 gift card for Thai Rock

Thai Rock

(soon to be) Open daily from 12 noon to late night


375 Beach 92nd Street, Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
(646) 455-3991

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